Crown Reduction

Crown reduction is a procedure that will lessen the size and density of the crown of a tree and may be done for a number of reasons;

  • To allow more light to reach your home
  • To allow more light into your garden to enable a larger variety of species to thrive.
  • To improve the aesthetics of the tree and your garden in general
  • To reduce the likelihood of the tree suffering from wind damage (following crown reduction the density of the branches is reduced and so allows the wind to pass through more easily rather than putting up resistance and the tree being blown down)

Things to look out for in your garden or woodland that might signal the need for a crown reduction are: darkness, mossy flowerbeds, a mossy lawn or simply an unbalanced or one-sided tree that you don’t particularly like the look of!

And if it is not caught in time? Over time, the density of the crown will increase so it will become a bigger job the longer it is left.

Crown reduction is most successful when tackled early as it gives the tree the opportunity to establish itself in its new format. The older the tree, the heavier/thicker the branches are and the less adaptable trees are (much like we humans).