Hedge Reduction

What is hedge reduction?

Hedges can become out of control, out of shape and overgrown with just a couple of years' neglect. A classic example is the 'horticultural thug' Leylandii which will grow rapidly; the branches will thicken to a diameter that will pose a problem to light duty domestic hedge trimmers. This tends to result in the hedge being left for a further year or two and in this time it can easily become quite unruly! Hedge reduction will, as the term suggests, reduce the overall size of the hedge - height, width and density - to manageable proportions for you to be able to keep on top of in the future.

Why does a hedge need to be reduced?

The biggest problem arising from out of control hedges is neighbourly disputes because the additional growth and bulk blocks light, views, damages drainage and can cause problems for yours and your neighbours' gardens.

In extreme circumstances, the council can enforce the High Hedge Legislation which comes under the Anti-social Behaviour Act 2003. We would rather help you prevent such action so if you think your hedge may be a little tall or out of shape, please do get in touch.